Sunday, June 19, 2011

You Found Me How?

Every once and awhile I like to check the Analytics attached to my blog. It usually provides a few chuckles on the searches that people use. If you don't have analytics attached to your website, I would highly encourage it. You may find it interesting how some people stumble on your blog.

Some of the examples that caused my blog to appear in recent search results are as follows:

"A goat was following in my dream"
First of all, what in the world are you doing searching with "a goat was following in my dream?" And second, I can't help you with any interpretations of why you were dreaming this. Now I'm pretty sure that this post was the culprit that caused my blog to appear in your search results, but that post is of no use to you... unless of course, you are hunting in your dreams.

"free fish scent"
Hmm.. now this one is interesting. I know that hunters have a habit of smearing certain animal scent on their clothes - *ahem* elk pee. However, fish scent? what is that all about? You fishermen are going to have to help me out here. Is this some type of fishing secret to smell like fish in order to catch the big one? Otherwise, why in the world would you want to smell like a fish. Okay, okay, some may ask the same thing about the elk pee. I get it.

"lip glosses for men"
Yikes! If you are a man and looking for lip gloss, you may have been drawn in by the title of my blog; but one look at the content and I'm sure the click through rate was very high. Sorry.

"picture of house with pelople in stew pot"
I hunt animals. Only animals. And what's with the misspelling of the word "people"? So disturbing.

"us army sniper school packing list"
This one I kind of like. If there is an us army sniper referring to my blog for his packing list, that would be a huge honor. However, I don't think that is the case. And they may end up with the wrong gear in their pack. But if you are looking for a back country packing list, I'd gladly share mine.


  1. I are a total hoot aren't they.

  2. Analytics and StatConter are both fun.

    I once noted a search that hit my page and came from "Executive Office of the President of the United States, Washington DC." It occurred shortly after Obama and his family visited Maine. Interesting . . .

  3. Oh how fun analytics are. But lip gloss for men? What guy really wears that??? :)

  4. Gosh I used to love finding out things like that.... Thanks allot Emily. I think you just made me miss my blog! lol!

    And Lip Gloss for men???

    Well that's just not right at all in my book! lol!

  5. Rabid - Whoah! Nice work.

    SO - yep, pretty scary. Guys with shiny lips = not a turn on

    Kari!!! How are you girl?? I hope you are having a great summer. Selfishly I'm glad you miss your blog b/c we all miss you around here. I do understand why you are taking a break though.

  6. LOL! Very amusing! I don't look at my stats very often, but now I'm curious what kind of goofy a$$ terms people are searching with...

  7. I had no idea you could do such a thing. Picture of house with people in stew pot? WTF? I'm new to this blogging thing- guess I have a lot to learn! By the way- great blog. I will add a link to it on my blog. Thanks!
    Fish Cop