Monday, August 16, 2010

Gators that DON'T Bite

I'm going to divulge one of my new favorite hunting accessories... Gators. I'm referring to the wonderful invention that goes around your ankles, keep little annoying biting insects at bay, and also prevent dirt, rocks and grime from entering your shoes / boots. These things are great!

I bought my first pair of gators last month for our 3D archery shoot. I had seen a few guys the previous year sporting them on their ankles and made a mental note that it would be a good thing to try out. Hunting out west usually means climbing around on the rock slides and rough terrain; therefore, your feet take some abuse and end up being a filthy mess by the end of the day. The few times I've worn my gators, I've found that adding this little extra protection around my ankle truly helps. My feet were not nearly as dirty and those annoying little ants and bugs that tend to crawl up to your ankle and bite the crap out of you were no longer bothering me. YAY!

I would highly recommend trying out gators for your next hunt.
I love them!
Plus don't you think they are a bit stylish?
(Okay, not really.)


  1. at least they match your pink shoes

  2. Very nice. I will have to look into these to protect the top of my wading boots. Nice find.

  3. I wear them when I'm wishing over my waders, but I've never thought to wear them at other times. An interesting idea.

  4. i think you need some bright pink ones!

  5. I always wondered how well those would work.. I might have to try them out now! Plus.. cute shoes - I have the same ones! :)