Monday, March 29, 2010

Hawaiian Gobbler Smack Down

Our good friend, Jeffery Scott, just slammed a Rio Grand Wild Turkey on the big island of Hawaii. Right now you may be saying to yourself.. Turkey hunting in Hawaii?? Why yes, it is true! The NWTF map clearly shows that they exist in this tropical heaven.

I just got off the phone with him as he was getting on an airplane. I had texted him for details about his hunt and after a few texts back and forth he decided a quick call would be faster. (It was great to talk to you Jeff!)

So, here is the brief story straight from the source... The landscape on the Big Island where Jeff was hunting provided for some beautiful scenery; however, for hunting turkey it was a bit challenging because the acreage they were on had several rolling hills with sections of flat land in between that rolled on to the edge of the coast. Basically it was a field of open land with hardly any cover. They had chosen to actually spot and stalk these birds. When he first told me this I asked him if he was serious. I'm not an expert Turkey hunter, but come on! Spot and stalk Turkey?? One of the first things I learned about Turkey was how spooky they were and that they had great eye sight. However, with the relatively low hunting pressure over there the birds honestly don't spook as easily. (Jeff, I think there still is some skill involved here.)

He utilized a slate call early on to locate the birds. However, at one point when he saw them in the distance cresting the next hill, the chase on the flat section of land was on. After a few chases through the rolling hills it seemed like the hunt may not pan out, but with some good fortune and a little pressure from some nearby grazing cows the turkeys were headed back towards Jeff. As the gobbling Rio Grand Tom raised his head slowly above the ditch he was met with a shot gun barrel ten yards from his head. According to Jeff.. "I smacked him down and folded him up."

Now that Jeff knows where these island birds are located, I think my husband should take his bride on a vacation to visit our friends in Hawaii. A little turkey hunting and pacific sun sounds pretty good right about now. Jeff, do you have any room for these mainlanders??

Congrats to Jeff on a great Turkey!!
Next time... I'm coming to the Big Island to go hunting with you!


  1. Congrats to your friend on a terrific bird!

    I must tell you that when my husband and I were there we saw plenty of turkeys! I never would have believed it but I seen them with my own peepers.

    Your husband should take you there. Either to hunt or lounge but make sure when you do you rent a Harley and ride around the island. It's beautiful!

  2. Call Pat Fisher at Fisher Outfitters 808-640-0755 there are way more then turkeys to hunt in Hawaii, you would be surprised! The best part is you can hunt and be back to the beach for a Mai Tai and a luau! T.F.

  3. Excelllent . . . I chase Oceolas in less than a week! Always planning that next grand slam selection. Had not thought of Hawaii BUT it is now on the list! Awesome! Take care and thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I learned awhile back that Hawaii is also a pheasant hunting destination. They have the normal ring-neck but also a green or blue pheasant.

  5. Emily, Thank you for posting my Hawaiian turkey smack down. You and Troy are welcome,any time you want. We would love to have you two visit with us. Maybe I can set you up on a pig hunt!!! They also have Axis deer here too. I think that is my next goal.