Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mountain Top 3D Archery High

Wow! I'm still on a mountain high from the 3D archery shoot that we experienced this weekend. The guys from Bowcast out did themselves on this one. They set up a crazy challenging course on the slopes of the Snowbird ski resort. And let me tell you what - It wasn't on no bunny slope!! I love being pushed to the limit and doing things I never thought I could do. The elite course did just that for me. I'm getting ahead of myself though.
Let me start from the beginning...

On Friday morning, our hunting group loaded up bows, arrows, tennis shoes (we should have packed hiking boots - not sure what we were thinking here), movies, snacks, sunscreen, etc., etc., and aimed the vehicle towards the state just west of Colorado. The mountains of Utah was our destination, Snowbird Ski resort to be exact.

Upon arriving in Snowbird, we were welcomed by gorgeous views and moose in the parking lot. What could be better?

Momma moose looking for her baby not far behind.

However, it does get better. After unloading all our luggage from the vehicle into our cozy hotel room, and convincing Big Al that the luggage caddy was not a toy and to quit farting in the elevator, we were off to explore the place we would call home for the weekend.

A view of the room...

A view from the room...

A view of ???...
Upon arriving back in our room after exploring the grounds, sleep didn't come easy knowing that we would be exploring the mountains with bow in hand come morning. But sleep we did. It had been a long day and a long drive. This is where the guys would give me a hard time because I'm not ashamed to say that I slept most of the way there. Whatever.

Upon waking up and arriving at the registration tent, we waited our turn to ride the Mid Gad chair lift to base camp where the days activities would begin. It was an absolutely gorgeous ride up the mountain. I grew up skiing all over the U.S., but have never ridden a chair lift in the summer time and without skis on my feet. So, it was a strange feeling to exchange skis for a bow on the lift, but I'm not complaining. It was exhilarating! I think part of that initial feeling was due to the fact that my husband and I forgot to put the safety bar down. Whoops!

Upon reaching the top, there was a practice range set up to release a few arrows before aiming at all the great 3D targets set up on the 3 different courses. There were three options: a beginners, intermediate or elite course. It was all about fun and practicing your skills, so there was no pressure to compete or keep score. Your biggest competitor was yourself. Perfect! Just the way I like it. ;)

So, off we went and somehow ended up in the middle of the intermediate course from the get go. Obviously, we didn't pay attention to the directions and shot the last 3 targets in the intermediate course - a pig, a wolf over a ledge and 2 fighting deer at ~107 yards. I didn't launch an arrow that far, but ranged it for a couple of guys because I have a range finder that takes the angle into account when ranging your distance. Even though the actual distance was ~107 yards, after the angle you need to shoot it for about 90. One guy nailed the buck at that distance! It was truly amazing.

Here's some pics from the shoot:

Good shooting gals!
Garnie shooting at a deer across the stream

~80 yard uphill shot at a Big Horn Sheep. Look at the angle of this!!
(This is the hill I thought I was going to roll down accidentally. Yikes!)
Wait! That's not a 3D target!

Here is the Mule Deer shot across the canyon. This is one of the double black diamond slopes in the winter months. So, it was fitting that the best way down in the summer time is to "ski" down the loose gravel.
I wish I had pics of that!
Me saying, "Tell me how far that target is again!?"
What a great weekend of shooting! If you've never shot a 3D course, I would highly recommend looking into shooting at the next bowcast event. I know we will be at the 3D shoot next year... wherever it ends up being. Oh, and I almost forgot to mentioned the great party Saturday night where they raffled off all sorts of goodies... montana decoys, range finders, optics, etc. I turned in a winning ticket in exchange for a new Spot Hog release. Score! For more pics and stories of this 3D event, visit Bowcast.com.

I'll just end this post with one last shot....
(p.s. Pause the music at the bottom of the page first)


  1. That is still one heck of a 3-d shoot. A 100 yd. bow shot - that is insane; and next time I want to go.

  2. This definitely looks like a course that tests your skill. I love the scenery in your pics--it is a very beautiful place.

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