Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Female Hunters - Can You Relate?

Not too long ago I attended a women's breakfast where the speaker was talking about a quiet time in the woods she experienced.  She was weaving together a great story for the audience about how her wonderful moment was almost ruined as she looked down and discovered all the deer poop in her nice peaceful spot.   Of course, the point of the story was something to the effect of having to get through the muck and the mire in life sometimes in order to see the beauty around you.  She tied it all together by relating to Psalm 40:2-3. (A great verse!)  I have to admit though, my mind started to wander a bit when she was describing the poop disappointment.  I was thinking thoughts like.... "what's wrong with you!  Look for the deer," and "If there is fresh poop, the deer are close!"  In fact, I probably would have actually stepped in the deer droppings in order to tell how fresh it was.  Just as that thought crossed my mind, a little smile came across my face as a I realized... I may not be a normal girl in this area.

So, on this thought.  Here is my list of things that may identify you as a fellow female hunter.  I know I'm not the only one out there.

You may be a female hunter if ....
  1. You've ever stepped in elk or deer poop just to see if it is fresh
  2. You have several pair of hunting boots lined up in your closet that almost exceeds your flip flop collection
  3. You have a shot gun in your closet.. right next to your high heels
  4. You aren't offended when your man talks about his "Hot Lips" or "Hoochie Mama"
  5. You understand the importance of being scent free, and actually rejoiced when you learned there is such a thing as scent free shampoo, conditioner, and yes... lip gloss
  6. You've eaten an MRE in the woods and actually enjoyed it
  7. You are okay with the mounts on the wall and wish the biggest one was yours.. or maybe it even is!
  8. You have to thoroughly check your purse for shotgun shells before going to the airport
  9. The Cabellas side walk sale is an annual event in your household
  10. You've decorated your camper in camouflage
  11. You think staying on the hiking trail is boring
  12. Given the choice of a grimy public bathroom or a pine tree in the woods, the pine tree always wins
  13. and finally... You keep your small game hunting tag in your purse - just in case!


  1. #2 and #13 are my favorites! I can totally relate! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi! Can't wait to read more from you :)

  2. huntslikeagirl,

    Welcome to the blogosphere and thanks for adding me to your blog roll.

    #1 & #12 are right on... Man or woman!

    happy hunting, dv